Hoodies & Heels
Hoodies & Heels

The Tech Closet

I get it, there are times we just have no clue what to wear to the office. Startups/Tech environments provide such a casual aroma that you get stuck on what to wear. Well, I welcome you to the, “Tech Closet” where each look is personal curated by me to help YOU with fun style ideas for work or hey even happy hour! Who’s ready? Be sure to follow me on Pinterest.

It's summer that means sandals!

Find the perfect pair of sandals that'll work in and out of the office.

We love off the shoulder tops...just not in the office.

The summer calls for off the shoulder tops! Let's face it, what girl doesn't like these fabulous pieces? But, there's one thing. Off the shoulder, tops are just that a top that bares your skin. Would you wear an off the shoulder top to the office? Share your thoughts! Pin any of your favorite looks. 

Appropriate sneakers for the office

Finding the right pair of sneakers for work can always be tricky. Here are some cool kicks for the summer.