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     Hey Good People,   How are you? Sending some  love and light  your way, I hope all is well. I’ve gotten back to somewhat of a groove and decided to start shooting again.  During my shoot, it was obvious I needed this!  Honey Child . This is my debut since moving back to Maryland!   I felt nothing but blessed to receive so much LOVE! The people of Baltimore were so delightful.  Thank you!    Although it’s been a while, I wanted to continue doing the things I loved. Let’s make the most of our time while we have it, shall we?   I love shoots! I get to have fun and be free with different looks. When i first started the blog, I didn’t want to just wear anything and say  POOF  go buy this piece. No, that isn’t realistic, nor is it fun. Every look I wear is intended to represent the you, the real women, working her a$$  off, taking on many different roles.   It’s important to me to present my style in a realistic way, the way that makes you think, “I can wear that!”                
     “ “It’s important to me to present my style in a realistic way, the way that makes you think, “I can wear that!” ” 
     There’s a science behind clothing;  No No, it’s not whether the dress is black or blue lol.  But, it’s more of a way how people address you and ultimately treat you.  As a CEO, would you walk into a meeting with your running sneakers and a yoga outfit?  Okay, I’ll wait.  Of course not,! Our clothing represent our mood, a particular setting, and the respect we hold for ourselves.   My time at startups lead me to further understand women. Take for example, at GlamSquad, Alexandra Wilkis CEO at that time,   she stepped into the office with a  simplistic class style.  It was evident, she understood her role and how to still be herself and get shit done.               Clothing is a vibe, it’s a feeling, and it adds value to how we perform at work. I remember being in roles where I worked with a bunch of ladies and they didn’t care to dress up because of their job role. “ Who do I have to impress?”  Grrrr.                   Truth is, it’s not about who your impressing, it’s about what your representing. When you're in the workplace, your ultimately representing a company.   Literally, I work from home and still get up,  may not wear makeup , BUT! I keep the same routine and put on clothing that makes me feel ready for another day.  As a disclaimer, I must say, please do not take what I’m saying in any offense. I’m just a passionate AF about how presenting yourself is so important, and that starts with clothing. Just try it, wear a different color or add some accessories to your look, people will notice.  Are you looking to rebuild your wardrobe? Feel free to contact me, I’d love to discuss further.  In the meantime, check out my personal favorite apps that provide affordable style:     SHEIN      CLOSET+      STYLEBOOK     Much love and style your way!  Xo,  Kiara