#CoffeeTime: Can We Say F8 Conference?

Hey Good People!

Love & Light your way! Okay, so I must say, I feel like a horrible blogger. Do you know the feeling when you're trying to do it all under one umbrella? Girl, I need to keep up!

Coffee time for me is a calming. Just time for myself and allow my thoughts to flow. After the hustle and bustle, sometimes we need to just stop and reflect.

Well, today I’m reflecting and really understanding that what we put out there comes to light. As you know, the tragic loss of my brother turned my world upside down. I thought hard about stopping the blog. Each day felt like I was here "existing" instead of “living”.


Until one day something out of the ordinary occurred, are you ready for this tea? lol One day while working, I noticed an email and the subject read, “F8.”

Of course it was a busy day in the office and I was super busy but thought hmm. “Let me take a quick peep.”

lol At that point, my world turned upside down and all the way around.

I received an invitation from Facebook itself stating they would love to see me at this year’s F8 Facebook Developer Conference.

After rereading what felt like a joke. I knew it was real yet didn’t think this was exactly for me? Say what now?

YES, my moment was now, this was a sign for me to continue with my platform. I can't express enough how much divine timing is so real.

One day I felt like quitting, then the next I'm being invited to San Jose, California? Divine timing is real

If you've been following my journey from the beginning, then you know I’m still finding my way through tech. I have to shake off the feeling that because I’m not considered a “dev” that I’m not considered a techie. If anything, I’m interested in seeing what new business techniques I can learn using Instagram, Facebook, What’s App, etc.

Let the journey begin! I say that to say if your in that stage where an idea seems uncertain. My biggest advice for you is to lay a brick a day.

As the great Nipsey Hussle said, “Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick every day. Eventually, you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall.”

Hoodies & Heels started out as an idea intertwining my love for representing real women and the beauty of technology.

Now look at how things are flourishing, just keep going for it! Divine timing is real.

Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick everyday. Eventually you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall.

— Nipsey Hussle

That was good tea right! lol Get ready for some fun updates as I make my way to the West Coast. Thank you again for spending some time with me, have an amazing week!