The Importance of Slack Groups

The Importance of Slack Groups

Raise your hands if you use Slack! *raises hands* Slack, if not by now, is one of the largest communication platforms used in the workplace. And I am all for it.

I started using Slack back in 2010, with a fashion tech company. I thought to myself, "What on earth is this?" It felt like I was back in the 2000's being in an AOL chat room. (RIP AOL, you will be missed)

But, indeed it was more than that. On this platform, you could set up a reminder, speak with your co-worker privately, and create different channels.

Especially, working in tech, Slack is the most essential tool for startups, enterprise companies, and for you to connect with peers in a similar career. 

Now your probably asking why is Slack so important for you? Girl, this is the future. Nowadays, brands are understanding how building a community can really help you in the long run.