Event Recap: Lyft Women In Tech

After a long day of work, I dashed from the Upper West side to downtown Manhattan to make in time for Lyft's: Women in Tech event. 

I remember attending their first event, hosted at Red Rooster, it was filled with a diverse crowd, good music, and amazing energy. So I knew I was in store for something pretty good. 

Upon entering, the first thing you notice was the amazing venue. It was held at Caden , a creative event space dedicated to the evolution of art, entertainment & storytelling. It was breathtaking! 

Wow! were my thoughts when walking into the room filled with women from all different age ranges, diverse, and tech backgrounds. 

Lyft was at it again! They provided a space for women to connect, build awareness, and learn. The all-women panel were actual employees of Lyft. (Please excuse me as I did not catch their name) 

Calling all the ladies!!!!

Calling all the ladies!!!!

I thought it was great Lyft selected a panel filled with their employees. It provided a great way for actual employees to gain better insight and non-employees to understand the brand's goals for women.

inclusion was an important subject during the conversation. The ladies provided their views on how excuting Inclusion can impact teams in a positive manner.


It was no secret that Lyft understands the scarcity of women working within the company. The beauty of this event was to acknowledge their plan for change, and to continue building women up in the tech industry.

After the panel session, the ladies were able to connect and learn more about one another. I myself was lucky enough to connect with some great women!

Cool stickers and cardholders procided by Lyft

Cool stickers and cardholders procided by Lyft


Do you see the beauty in this? I know we work long hours but give yourself the extra push to continue making it out to a networking event, you'll see something good can come out of it. 

Tech is about connecting and when you connect you can begin to build. Go out there and connect with other tech folks and see how we can all help each other out.

Special thanks to Lyft, for holding such another great event. Plus, thank you for the awesome journals you always provide! I love this journal, it says, "It matters how you get there".

Lyft, has alot in store for us and I can't wait to see what's next!

It matter how you get there

It matter how you get there

Hope to see you at a event soon!