#WHOISSHE: A girl chat with Sabrina Depestre

How are you? I hope all is well. It's been long overdue, I'm super excited to present another #WHOISSHE segment! First, thank you to everyone that tuned into the very first video. My goal is to continue embracing women from all walks of life working within the tech industry. You just never know how one's story can inspire your own journey.

This week I am happy to present, "A girl chat with Sabrina Depestre". Sabrina Depestre is a Haitian-American entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. During my last trip to Baltimore, I felt it was great to meet a fellow peer and learn more about not only what's going on in their city but also shine light on their line of work.

Sabrina and I met through Black Tech Women a technology ecosystem created for black women. We met at The Motor House a super cute cafe/art museum/perfect event space and more! haha! No truly, it was a great venue. 


Immediately her energy felt warm, welcoming, and calm. We hit it off and dove into conversing. (Hence why there really isn't an introduction to the audio, oops!) As a marketer, she takes on strategic roles for different industries such as tech, fitness, and health building awareness with the ultimate goal of connecting. Her latest project is Baltimore Young Professionals a group that curates events around Baltimore to amplify the good work of young professionals. Ugh, she's so fab!

Remain curious, do your research, and trust the process.
— Sabrina Depestre

It was important to me to interview someone that incorporated an important aspect of working in tech; connecting. Working in tech means so much more than coding. In order to have the complete product, you need to incorporate marketing and build awareness to your audience to eventually sell. (aha! think about it) 

So let's get into it! Sit back, enjoy, and really take something away from this awesome conversation as we learn more about Sabrina Depestre. Feel free to leave comments below!