#Wearables: Legos X Fashion = The clutch of the future
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What if you had a clutch made out of legos that you could recreate from work to happy hour? Ladies, I present to you Modjewel a sustainable handbag that allows for a completely transformable look through a patent-pending clasp and shell mechanisms. 

Yup! It's true! I learned about Modjewel through the Tech Ladies group on Facebook. (Um, have you joined yet?) Founder, Eliana V. Ghantous, a nanotechnology engineer, presented her product and I just couldn't resist. After learning more about this amazing product I felt it was super important for you to learn how this beautiful gem came to life. 

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Modjewel's story began with Eliana's frustrations with always having to buy a new clutch for a different event. (My struggles too!)  So, of course, the engineer inside of her said, "Why not create my own logical handbag that's suitable for all women and every occasion?" (That wasn't the exact words but what else does one think when working towards creating something new?) 

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It was then Eilian's mission to set out to create a bag that succeeded at being stylish and functional. As an engineer, Eliana created the clutch to be broken down in "modules". A strap, clasp, and the face of the clutch are all removable which enable you to design your own bag! This is the future of tech and fashion at it's finest.

A “party clutch” fits all the essentials needed for that perfect night out or date night. It can hold an iPhone 8+, lipstick, mascara and other essentials in an organized way. It also has center slots for cash and credit cards.
— Eliana V. Ghantous


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From the idea being thought out through the first prototype then coming to life through 3-D printing, Modjewel is here to stay! Kudos to Eliana on this amazing product, I can't wait to see what else she has in stores.

So what are you waiting for? Start designing your own Modjewel bag NOW!