The Importance Of Just Stopping

Hey Hey!

Miss me? I miss you more! After months of studying and starting a new job, it was time for a break. Like who takes a break anymore? Crazy right. 

Over the weekend, I traveled to Atlanta with my family. Atlanta is a city I've always wanted to explore. There's something about the city that screams peace and adventure. Lucky for me I did just that. 

Getting away is always amazing, especially when you live in New York. Prior to leaving, I found myself feeling extremely burned out. The long days and nights, fast-paced lifestyle and putting in work even on the weekends. 

As hard as we work we need to understand there is beauty around us. In today's day in age, we want so much, especially women. There's chasing your career, getting good grades in school, working up the ladder at work and still trying to find time to cook! hello


I've learned that listening to your body is key and rest is needed. So, when you have the ability to go, do it! During my trip, I explored the Georgia Aquarium what beautiful place! I was blown away by the scenery.

I swam with the fishes and sharks. (well in my mind I did) Of course, not literally but I was able to be away and just take in the beauty around me.

It feels good to just live in the moment, breathe, and enjoy the moment. We work so hard but what's it all for if you can't enjoy it? 

So, if your reading this, here are 3 tips I want to share when you finally decide to stop:

  1. Breathe: Yes! It's that simple. Take a day to unplug, read a book and breathe. You deserve a relaxing day.
  2. Explore: Where do you want to go? What city do you want to visit? Go there and truly live in the moment.
  3. Enjoy: Even it's a short weekend, stopping is the first part of understanding there's beauty around you.

Just wanted to send some inspiration your way. Your hard work isn't going unnoticed but you can't work hard while burned out. 

Now go! Be your best self and continue living your best life.