Learning How To Code Taught Me These Two Lessons

On April 11th, I ended my Google X Udacity scholarship It's been a very difficult, challenging, and rewarding past three months. 

The moment I understood coding and the sustainability behind it, I knew it was worth learning. 

I've watched countless of videos, practiced coding and even created a website!  Now, all of this was rewarding AF (excuse my confidence) but I envisioned my future an thought, "Wait, I don't think I see myself coding every day". 

There's a major wave of people learning how to code. The question is, "Why are you truly learning how to code?"

There's no lie, becoming a developer is a rewarding BUT passion has to come behind that. I love reading articles on how programming has changed people's lives. But do you ever read the stories of the people that really truly don't like coding? 

*Raises Hand* lol

For me, I rather understand code, yes, I get that HTML is the base of a site, CSS brings my creative vision to light and Javascript provides proper functioning.  (See look it was that easy!...I wish) 

The program allowed me to understand my strengths in weaknesses. I guess that's why it was called a "challenge" for a reason. Here are the two things I learned after my Google X Udacity scholarship: 

  1. I'm more of a people's person: It' not to say that you won't be talking to people but a majority of your day is coding, debugging and the circle continues. I like being in a team environment, discussing what's to come for a new product, but actually understanding the user exepereicnce. 
  2. You either have it or you don't: An honey, I don't! Now, when I say that I mean I don't enjoy actually coding but understanding a new language never seems to bother me. Preferably, creating a prototype is more fun than writing out Javascript. (lol) 

So there you have it! After three months of fun, I've learned more about myself, modified some career goals, and will continue finding my way within the tech industry. 

As for me, the learning never stops! My coding journey does not end here. I believe in studying your craft. That's the beauty in life, opening yourself to try new things an you'll continue learning more about yourself.