#WhoIsShe: Chatting with Cathy Zhang, Senior Product Manager at Spring

Hey Girl Hey!

During Women's history last month, I presented the #WHOISSHE blog segment. A series of videos dedicated to understanding women working in the tech industry.

Let me just say, THANK YOU for all of the wonderful ladies that reached out. Unfortunately, I was unable to hold many interviews but never fear darling the #WHOISSHE movement will now be a segment on the new Hoodies&Heels YouTube channel (please subscribe!) Yasssss! So I will be conducting more interviews along the way. (And stay tuned for more videos as well!)

I am super excited to present this interview (hence the GIF!) I had the ultimate pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Cathy Zhang, Senior Product Manager at Spring and the creator of ImInOuterSpace.

Cathy and I met on Facebook, in the Tech Ladies group. I was immediately blown away by her style and learning more about her background in tech I knew we all had to learn more about her story. 

Together, Cathy and I cackled (Yes, I said cackled, she's my girl now! lol) about her experience learning to code at the age of 13, the day in the life of a Senior PM at Spring even what it was like working with Anna Wintour! 

It was refreshing to learn further about Cathy's journey in tech. Her personality blew me away! She's a woman that is passionate about expressing her views on what people don't see behind the scenes. I left the interview understanding that Cathy is a woman that embodies strength, wisdom, and transparency.  

So please, sit back and enjoy (drink your coffee or enjoy your meal) the very first segment of #WHOISSHE