Ladies, Thank You

I'm just taking this moment in...*wooosaaaa* Okay, let's continue...


Hey Good People!!! I hope you are doing well. Over the week, I came across this phenomenal article about 26 African American women doing the damn thing in tech. 

I was completely taken back! Look at this photo, an image of women doing some amazing things paving the way for you and me. But also leads me to think about my own past experience. 

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you felt incapable, so instead you just talked yourself out of it?

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you felt incapable, so instead you just talked yourself out of it?


The article allowed me to think about my college days, at Berkley College, I had a Discovering Science course that I dreaded.

The word science alone made my skin cringe an now I had to face this college course? As scared as I was instead, I made a vow to sit in the front of the class and push myself to overcome my fear.

Surpringsly, we had an AMAZING Rabbi whose name I completely forgot but If I could draw a picture of her it would be a short woman, with round glasses and amazing red hair! (Hope that helps) 

Honey! She loved teaching science, you can tell by her enthusiasm all while the entire class sat in silence.*crickets*

As the semester took off we were faced with SO many assignments. But with each assignment, I took with a grain of salt and took my time to understand science.

In all seriousness, she was the person to open my eyes to the philosophies of Stephen Hawking, the extreme length of Neil DeGrasse's scientific ventures, and so much more.

After a very hard semester, in the end, I passed the class with an A++ (Honey I worked for that extra credit!) It may seem like something so small but when you accomplish something that once felt unreachable, the feeling is priceless.

So, let's trickle back to the future, I'm sure your thinking, "Kiara, what does this have to do with the article?" An I say it has everything to do with the article. 

As we all know, women do not have the easy route when it comes to working in the tech industry. This article taught me that no matter what society says or stigma's come along with working in a certain industry, you are capable! 

STEM as a whole has always been a subject that girls shy away from because it feels like a boys playground. But times have changed! And you need to know that you ARE capable of working in tech and the best time to do this is now!

It's all in the desire to learn, knowledge will always be power but understand you can learn and over accomplish the fear that's running through your head.

So, as a woman of color and working my up the ladder within an industry I never imagined loving. I thank each an every woman in this picture for opening my eyes to continue my desire to learn and pushing my way through tech. Thank you!

May you continue to pushing yourself to overcome your fears.