A New Chapter: 2/22
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Hello Good People!

How are you? I hope all is well. Well, I wanted to share a fun fact with you that that today is my birthday. Whoop whoop

Yes! I feel such excitement in my heart. I am blessed to see a new year and a new day. I turn _____ ha! not so fast. (C'mon I'm a lady! lol)

Let's keep our imagination open and let's stick to the age you think I am. lol. 



Overall, I feel humbled. You know through the mist of everything I go through in life I somehow learn how to appreciate it. Our downfalls will only make us stronger and our good days allow us to smile more. 

This new chapter in my life I pray to continue embracing the things I love the most fashion and tech. I pray through my platform I can encourage and inspire young girls after me to continue doing what their heart desires.

I feel so happy and blessed! Life hasn't been the easiest but we all through our humps and best of all overcome them. For this new chapter I pray for more abundance and wisdome to just keeping pushing. 

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So for now i'll enjoy my day take it all in and just continue to live my best life. Thank you for the love it doesn't go unnotiecd.