The Plug X Hoodies & Heels
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An app a day takes a headache away! (hehe)

Hey Good People! I hope you all are well! So, of course, you all know I love finding new apps that make our life easier! Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Daryl Armour, the creator of a new app called The Plug. 

The Plug is the world’s first employee discount sharing mobile application.


Literally, I found myself browsing through Instagram one day and came across the app. I suddenly thought, "Wait this can't be!" Instantly, I thought of a past experience where friends would always ask for discounts during the days of working in retail. So no more asking, "Can I use your discount?" There's an app for that!

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Daryl expressed how naturally he's always been a connector. So it felt only right to create an app that would allow people to connect in a way where equally there is a win-win. Did I mention that if you are the person providing the discount you wil receive revenue? (Uh, side hustle alert!)

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This app provides an interesting concept that I know it will grow in no time. The app is available iOS AND Google so there are no excuses! lol. Check out more of the interview below PLUS! a special surpris he has for all of the Hoodies & Heels listeners!