Step Out Of Your Shell And Network
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Hey, Beauties!

How are you? I hope all is going well. Wow! Is it me or was January just filled with so much activity? *wooosaaa* That's it take a deep breath in and out and let's rock out in February! 

So! One of the things I've learned trying to get into the tech world is understanding how important it is to network. 

C'mon, I know it can be nerve wrecking, daunting and extremely exhausting. (I promise there are some good points, hehe) But the truth is networking is one of the best key components that can actually land your dream job. 

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Me, personally I try to attend at least two networking events a week. (Yawns, yes even while working a 9-5)  Honestly, in the beginning, it was hard to leave work and prep for a social engagement. BUT it's all in the power of the mind and after some effort and major results, I felt this post can somehow help you built the courage to go out there and network. Here are my tips for understanding the key to networking:

  1. Scouting: People always ask, "How do you find these events?" I simply say, "Eventbrite". Besides word of mouth, Eventbrite is my ultimate go to! You can literally search any type of event you want. 
  2. Understanding The Purpose: Most networking events provide free food and drinks. (Not that it's ever a bad thing of course, lol) Yes, the food is great and many of the times the drinks served is alcohol. Ask yourself, is this what I am here for? Of course not!  After such an extensive search on Eventbrite why waste your time drinking the night away when you could be talking to a potential lead. Understand why you chose the specific event and act accordingly. (You'll be surprised) 
  3. Get Your Hands Out Of Your Pocket: The one thing I learned about networking events is that more than half of the room is a nervous wreck. Many people are shy and that's natural BUT the key to stepping out of your shell is to well try.  Start with just walking up to someone and saying. "Hi, my name is ______ I work at ______" BAM conversation has begun. (Thank me later!)

Trust me this was no walk in the park for me but with much effort and understanding the ending gold, I now feel super comfortable networking. Just start with your first event, it's all baby steps but indeed worth it in the end. 

I hope this helps!! Do you have some networking tricks up your sleeve? I'd love to know! Leave a comment below!


Oh, yea. Happy Valentines Day! lol.