Let's Just Be Real

Hola, Good People!

How are you? I hope all is well. Well, for me, to be honest, life has been taking its toll. Currently, as I sit here I feel sad, lost, curious, ambitious, yet resilient. One can only wonder how can you feel such spiral emotions.

Well, let me explain, On December 23, 2018, my family and I embarked on a family vacation. We sought out to enjoy Disney World for Christmas then fly to Panama for New Year’s. We were truly excited to finally, finally go on vacation after a year of planning.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 11.33.24 PM.png

The day started out calm my dad, mom, three sisters, and brother left around 3 am in the morning to Disney World.

What started out as a great trip quickly turned into a day I will never forget. In the afternoon, we were driving through South Carolina. Unfortunately, while driving my dad suffered a seizure. The next thing I knew my family and I were flipping in the car twice.

It was at that point, my brother passed away.

My entire world changed, I was in complete shock. It’s that feeling of being in shock yet looking around and thinking, “Is this real life?”

My Hoodies & Heels gang, my family and I spent our holiday in South Carolina for an entire week. This is so hard to write.

Flashback to today, my brother is resting and I now live in Baltimore to be closer with my family. It’s important for me to write this post because my reality is my own and I have to accept it. Is it hard? heck yes.

It is now April and I finally have the courage to write. It took a great deal of time to go back to what I love. You hear from time to time that the people you lose wouldn’t want you to be sad, that you must continue living a great life.

My brother was an excruciating soul. He’d root me on for doing the things I loved. I am here, I have my purpose and some way somehow I have to continue.

I am here to say this journey isn’t an easy one nor am I expecting it to either, but fulfilling your purpose is worth it. So, with that said, it's time to continue living purpose Hoodies & Heels, gang.

I’m back.