Time's Up: Speaking My Truth
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Hello, Beauties!

How are you? I hope you are well. We are now in the new year and so many epic things are happening! For the first Sunday of the year, there are so many things going on! Tonight, the Golden Globes aired and as we already know the amazing ladies (and men, can't forget some) at the Golden Globes were all dressed in BLACK dedicated to the  #TimesUp movement. 

I love it, I love seeing amazing women coming together and representing such a strong message. It allowed me to re-think the path I want to take with Hoodies & Heels. For weeks, I've been pondering on the thought of incorporating men on the blog. I thought, "This a great way for guys to be heard and also see them in another light." I love everyone. It's as simple as that, but sometimes you can't hide from the signs that are happening right in front of your face.

Since putting my curiosity out to the universe I've received major compliments on the blog from extraordinary women. I thought, "Get out! you really like my work?!" (I can be so weird lol) Then I had to put my own life into perspective, I thought about the things I face on a daily as a woman. Uh hello, I work 9-5 after that work 6-12 then there's the "adulting". (It is NOT easy being a woman) I then researched ALOT of different platforms for women in tech, one where they can turn too for emotional support and get to see other sides of fellow colleagues and surprisingly there weren't many options. 

There are extraordinary women in this field and I want to show them off to the world. 


This was my truth, I realized this blog is bigger than me. It hit me, "This blog needs to be solely dedicated to the hard working a$$ (excuse my french) women in tech." There are still many major issues that need to be addressed such as diversity, the percentage of women in the workplace, harassment issues and many more. Will there still be style segments? Of course, but if you really want to know about women there's definitely more to them then clothing. There are extraordinary women in this field and I want to show them off to the world. The goal is to have the woman speak their truth. 

The highlight of the night was turning into Oprah Winfrey's speech. Oh, my lordy what chills did I receive after watching this! This was it! This is the final sign I needed to see to find the missing piece of the puzzle and get the ball rolling. 

Photo Credit: NyTimes

Photo Credit: NyTimes


That's the beauty of life, you begin with one idea and end up with something completely different. The Golden Globes really hit home for me on how as women we are magnificent, courageous and strong AF. (okay, excuse my French again)

THE TIME IS UP! It's time to embrace all the beautiful things I plan to manifest with Hoodies & Heels. Please, if you have time pleasseeeee watch the amazing speech below!

Until next time!



Fun Fact: In the beginning, Hoodies & Heels stood for bringing women and men in the tech industry together. Now, with a change of heart Hoodies & Heels represents showcasing amazing women in the tech doing extraordinary things while embracing great style. (Guys, I still love you but woman are just....badasses!)