Yes, Dreams Do Come True: Google X Udacity
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If there’s one thing I believe in is speaking all you want to existence. 

If you've been following my journey then you know I don't have a tech educational background. In May of 2017, I decided to leave the freelance lifestyle and work full-time. The opportunity for an executive assistant at a tech startup opened and that's where it all changed for me. The world of tech opened my eyes to coding, website design and so much more. Oddly, enough you never know how involved you are with technology until certain aspects are in front of your face.

Like, wait? This is coding? I've created Myspace pages before, I can do this! (haha, my thoughts exactly!) 

Since then, I've been on the hunt to find a school that would allow me to gain knowledge on coding at an affordable rate. (hence affordable)

Now, you must know, it looks amazing to learn code, get the dream job and make a great salary. But, do you know what it takes to actually get there? There are plenty of ways you can learn how to code, two major options are self-teaching and attending a coding boot camp. 

 I chose the self-teaching route but still, there were many programs out there that were expensive. Things were just not aligning for me to make this happen! I wanted nothing more but to learn how to code. Last year, I learned about Udacity through my job and became super excited about learning with the school had to offer. 

After being very familiar with the school I then learned about the Google X Udacity Scholarship program. (Um, hellllooo say what now?The program provided people from all over the world an opportunity to learn further on Front End Development. (FOR FREE) Immediately, I applied for the position. (Because it never hurts to try!)

If there's one thing I believe in is speaking all you want to existence. After applying for the scholarship, I chose my words wisely and said out loud, "Please Lord, (that's my universe) I would love the opportunity to get accepted for this grand opportunity." 

It is now 2018 and I am writing this post to let you know (well all of you) that I've been accepted to the Udacity & Google Scholarship program. (whoo hooooo) I mean really what a great way to start the year! 

Since then, I've started my journey to becoming a web developer. Am I nervous? Heck yes! But anything worth challenging is worth doing! (Only makes you stronger) So I say that to say this, dreams certainly come true continue putting what you want out there and don't stop. 

The key is being consistent and allowing beautiful things to manifest from that. 

TIme to go code, until next time beauties!