#Analogies: How Being A UX Designer & Fashion Stylist Go Hand In Hand

#Analogies: How Being A UX Designer & Fashion Stylist Go Hand In Hand
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How Being A UX Designer & Fashion Stylist Go Hand In Hand

It's a snow day here in NYC and after a busy week, all I want to do is relax. So, what does my Saturday consist of? Learning the basic essentials of Sketch on Lynda.com, reading Vogue & oh yea binge watching Queen Sugar. 

So, before learning UX I took the road to self-teach myself on understanding HTML/CSS. Let me just say to better understand tech you must create some kind of analogy in your head. Or is that just me? By creating analogies, it's helped me understand how what I'm learning now is similar to my past experience as a fashion stylist. I know your thinking, how sway, how? After much thought, I figure I create this post on just how UX design and being fashion stylist hold similar values, here's how:

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The beginning stages of being a UX designer and a fashion stylist are similar. To begin any project you need to understand just what a client needs are in order for you to execute. The talent behind any designer is already envisioning what the client needs in your mind before you place it on paper. As a stylist, you are the creative director, you are the person that places all of the essentials together whether it's makeup, hair and clothing it's all up to you! Sound familiar?



The next phase is rough drafting your ideas on paper. In UX, this is an example of a wireframe. Wireframes are drafting the step by step process of the particular concept. With wireframing, you can also draw out your rough draft in a digital format. Me personally, I love the old fashion route pen and paper, pleaseAs a stylist, we create mood boards,  a mood board is a collage of photos that are an inspiration but are in the ideal format of the shoot you plan to create. 

Phase III: Testing/Shoot Mode


Ah, as I research more on UX I'm learning there is no time limit on the testing phase. There are SO many ways to test out a product. On the fashion side, on the day of a photo shoot, you as the stylist are to bring a variety of different options on set. This is definitely testing. In the end, what you first thought was ideal can change along the way and it's important to test things out to get it right. 

Phase IV: Bring It To Light


Finally! The stage every creator loves! In this stage, as a UX designer, this is the best time to have your prototype up and ready to go! A prototype is more of a finalized out come of your project, this is more in digital format. Some changes can still be made but initially, the main points are where they need to be. As a stylist, bringing it to light means seeing your hard work in an editorial, music video, etc. It's always priceless seeing your work in the spotlight and knowing what it took to create such art.

The Results:

It's all the same! haha. Of course, each career entails many differences. I believe it's up to you in putting in the effort on understanding anything new. In the past, I was afraid of tackling science class because I genuinely felt I wasn't "smart" enough to "get-it". Now, that I've embarked on this journey and things are making sense by putting in effort and understanding the my past is somewhat no different it helps! This may not be the same for everyone but understand that if you put your mind to it as cliche as it sounds you can most certainly do it.

Have you created an analogy trying learning something new? Comment below! #Let'sChat