Brrrr It's Cold: Wear Your Favorite Pants This NYE
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Hey Peeps!

Okay, so before the ball drops and the madness begins I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEARS! Whoo hoo! We made it, after a very long year that I feel no one can forget we are here now ready to embark on yet another year. 

So, it's been FREEZING here in NYC, I've been under the weather for at least a week. Oddly enough my NYE look is exactly on point. Kudos to you if you are wearing a dress or skirt. (Please wear stockings) But there was NO way I could endure. So, I figured I wear a pants suit to mix up the classic, "New Years Eve Dress" look. 

NYE Look: The entire look is from H&M// Shoes: ShoeDazzle

NYE Look: The entire look is from H&M// Shoes: ShoeDazzle

I've always been the girl to wear my favorite New Years Eve dress. But this year, due to the absurd weather were facing I felt that pants were more suitable. (Uh, can you blame me?) Here's my guide to embracing pants as your go-to look this New Years

1.) Length: So we're not thinking about interviews today this is all about bringing out the Sass and having some fun. When finding the right pants be sure to pay attention to the length of your pants. You want them to sit right or above the waist and provide a perfect length that stops no longer than your ankle. Lucky for me being 5'11 I could pass with a shorter length but place with the right ankle boot you could never tell.

2.) Contrast: It's all a balance! If you wear long pants then, of course, your top should be insinuated the same. (Oh yeah, plus it's VERY cold out) My top consisted of shoulder pads plus the length fit perfect so I didn't feel the need to add anything on top. But for a complete look, a blazer is awesome overtop. 

3.) Heels: Last but not least, your wearing pants so it's crucial to find a great pair of heel that will add length and the perfect final touch to your look. As you know comfort is my number one rule! So, wear your most comfortable heels! I would stray away from a wedge or boot underneath as it may create bulge underneath the pant.

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My loves hope this helps! I hope 2018 is one that brings you joy, success, and happiness. I have so many great things stored for Hoodies&Heels so stay tuned. Have a ball and be safe out there! See you in 2018!