2017 Lesson: It's Time To Get Uncomfortable

Picture this: I'm sitting in my favorite sweatsuit drinking Theraflu and watching Bright. Yes, guys and girls, I am extremely under the weather. So, no parties for me but I can still stay home and reflect. in less than an hour, we will be in 2018. Have you thought about how you spent 2017? What were the good, the bad and the ugly you faced and best of all how did you overcome them?

This year, my biggest lesson was learning how to become uncomfortable. When the idea of Hoodies & Heels came about I had so many ideas yet I was afraid to execute. I knew it was time to put myself in the forefront yet I didn't know if I was ready too. In today's world, putting yourself out there means giving it your all.

In today’s world, putting yourself out there means giving it your all.

Then, my coding diaries began! Um, excuse me but how does one understand this? Again, I knew it was important to step outside of my zone in order to fulfill a new dream. These past few months have been challenging yet satisfying.

I'll keep this short as you will find out so much more about me, in this video, this is me, Kiara Holt, embracing a new journey on learning how to be comfortable towards a new path. It's completely fine to try something new just continue to believe in yourself, step out of your zone and watch how things will manifest.

Hope you like!- See you in the New Year!