#TechStyle: Are Slacks Still Considered "Corporate"?
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What if you could remake your slacks into a casual look?

Hey Good People! 

How are you? Hope all is well! I'm apart of an amazing group on Facebook called Tech Ladies. This group is filled with magnificent women from all over the world switching to tech careers, preparing for job interviews and even needing just simple girl talk.

I've noticed more and more questions regarding wardrobe. Yes! This gets me super excited! Once you step into the tech world, you start to question your wardrobe. Is it just me or does this come to mind:

"Am I Over-dressed?"

"Are my leggings inappropriate?"

"Omg, what should I wear to the first interview?"



Tech startups always want you to be in "casual wear", well what the heck is that? Casual means A LOT of things you can come in with jeans, sneakers, boots, and hoodies. But Is that still considered okay? 

One of the pieces that will always be a universal are slacks aka dressy of pants. Do you remember back in the day, you whore your best pair of slacks for a church, a job interview and you literally had every single color! I'm guilty too.

Slacks were considered to be the "go-to" for every corporate job. Slacks were the number one item to have in your closet to now being a scare source. I'm guilty of that too. 

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I think women in tech stray away from slacks because of the thought of being "over-dressed" especially too "corporate".But what if you could remake your personal slacks into a casual look?

My number one rule when it comes to fashion is always be comfortable! Take for instance my look below, okay tech ladies let's talk style:

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My Look:

***I must say the hat is pretty "risky" so please don't mind the hat this is completely for out of the office***

Okay now...

The idea behind this look is establishing a cool business casual look. Button ups are always a great way to dress up and down. A great classic button up with a fun print shows personality and professionalism. Pairing the looks with an ankle cut slack I chose a cute sneaker to tone the look down. 

This way you don't feel too overdressed around your dev team :) Remember presentation is key and understanding your style is always a plus. Never overthink it just stay true to who you are.

Wear what you like and be comfortable. I wear leggings, tunics and boots. Just because others are wearing jeans and sweatshirts doesn’t mean I need to. I wear my fun jewelry too. If anything if you dress up, other women are more likely to kick it up more and join you.
— Ashini J. Desai- Business Engineering Team Manager

So yes! Slacks will always be considered corporate but the beauty of it all is you making it your own. 

Hope this helps! I'd love to see what your'e wearing! Do you wear slacks to work?