#TechStyle: Did Someone Say Holiday Party?
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Hey Tech Babes! 

I hope you are well! It's that time again for non-stop holiday parties! Like really this is the one time you can step out of your hoodie and get in your heels. (wink wink)

The tricky part with holiday parties is understanding what to wear. Guys have the easy part just throw on a suit and poof their good to go! Tuh! But for us ladies, it's not that simple. So, I thought I'd share my personal tips for you to set you up in style show up in style for your holiday party.

Blazer: Vintage// Dress: Rainbow Shops// Stockings: H&M// Booties: Shoe Dazzle// Earrings: H&M

Blazer: Vintage// Dress: Rainbow Shops// Stockings: H&M// Booties: Shoe Dazzle// Earrings: H&M

The Right Dress:

When the time calls for a special occasion I always want to wear a dress. A LBD (little black dress) is a great go to! For this look, I went with a black velvet over the knee form fitted piece. The holiday is the best time to wear velvet. Remember you're still at work so I would still steer towards a great form-fitted dress but still not show to much skin. Confidence is the new sexy!

Pop Of Color: 

Tis the season to wear read of course! I added one of my favorite red blazers on top of my look for an extra flare. Other great colors you can choose from are green, white, and to stand out, even more, try sequence! 

Comfortable Heels: 

Working in startups, you rarely ever think about wearing heels. Depending on where you work of course. I'll share my secret with you, I am NOT a huge fan of high heels. Yes, I've given up the 5'' and up heels years ago. Instead, I prefer a heel with comfort, great style and one I can walk in. Wear your favorite heel but please be sure provide comfort at the same time. In the photo, my heels are 3' inches, stiletto pointed and easy to walk in!



Last but not least...HAVE FUN! You've come this far to invest in yourself to not just live a little and enjoy the moment. I hope this helps you in searching for a great look for your holiday party. 

P.S. I just have to note my entire look is under $50! Get out of town! You never need the big bucks to look good.  

#Let'sChat What are you wearing to your holiday party? Send photos to be feautred in a #TechStyle segement.