Should Startups Consider Hiring Image Consultants?


One of the best perks working at a startup is wearing anything you like. Seriously, I think there were people that quit their corporate jobs for that simple perk alone. (Okay, just a tad bit of exaggeration there)  I can say for myself It was pretty awesome to wear my favorite pair of jeans to the office. 

But what happens when wearing anything you like goes too far? It scares me, even more, when people aren't aware their own attire is inappropriate. Working in different startups, my eyes have witnessed skirts way above the knee length rule, long shirts with stockings, and material that hug the body way too tight. 

Photographer: @JGoldbergproductions 

Photographer: @JGoldbergproductions 

What if startups considered hiring Image Consultants? Okay, stay with me here, I know your thinking, "Why would she say such a thing?".

It's not to scare you off or bring strict policies in the startup environment. Image consultants are brought on board to assist with implementing correct presentation of a company, teach etiquette techniques and provide awareness. 

Would it hurt employers to have a quick workshop on how your employees should present ethemselves? 

Would It hurt employers to have a quick workshop on how employees should present themselves?

Through my experience as an Image Consultant, I've learned the biggest key to changing one's style is making them fully aware. I love teaching clients on what works for them and what doesn't, they become so attached they begin to shop for themselves! 

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There's no doubt about it that startups are amazing places to work. I just feel that implenting a "type of standard" should be considered. In the end, employers are representing your company. 

My Look:

I call this, "A Day In The Office", I literally wore this look to work. It's never about wearing heels or needing to dress up to feel acceptable coming to work. It's about understanding the time and place and knowing just what to wear to represent your place of work. 

  • Hat: Men's H&M
  • Blazer: H&M
  • Pants: H&M (Oh lordy, I love H&M)
  • Shoes: Vans
  • Sweater: Rainbow Shops