Welcome To Hoodies & Heels

Every day I wondered why are there so many guys here yet so many few girls? I recall the day of my interview, my boss stated, "We are extremely big on diversity." My mind referenced to "Ice Age" when the penguins all said, "Just nod and wave guys, just nod, and wave."

I had no idea what he meant by the comment nor did I understand the beautiful situation I was now opening myself to. After several weeks of shadowing the engineers having "scrum" and discussing there updates a light-triggered in my head. Ding! 

"Maybe I should look into the world of coding, what's this industry like? There was a need to feed my hunger on what was stirring inside of me. Where does one go to find only the best of the best information?, Youtube University of course!

Whoa! Um hello, can someone say there's a $h*t load of content on everything tech. Again, this was new to me so I went with the terms that floated around the office. I searched everything from Front End Developer, diversity in tech, and what's it like being a girl in tech.


Consuming so much information can slightly become overwhelming. I came across a lot of information but there were three factors that stood out to me the most:

  • A LOT of new coding accelerating programs are on the rise
  • There's a major diversity issue within the tech industry
  • Where are the women?

Wowzers! I thought, there's a lot of information to learn yet there's still so much missing. My research then lead me to Ted Talks videos, I sat for hours watching different inspirational people speak upon all different aspects throughout the tech industry.

Now, those are only three points I stated and I'm quite sure there's more to overcome. So, I thought why not be the person to bring these issues to light?

I've always wanted to be represented for my work, not my race or sexual orientation. In my personal experience working in within a tech environment, I can wholeheartedly say everyone truly got along. Could you count the number of girls in the office? Yes. Were we a diverse team? Did the team face struggles? Yes, it's a start-up. Was the team working on epic stuff? You damn right!

These are aspects that go on within the industry that need to be known, everything shouldn't be viewed in a negative aspect. Everday I would read forums on people that wanted to learn more about certain jobs or even how to get a particular job.

But what about those that are already in the working space, the ones actually living the dream? Where are there voices?

Then it hit me, I needed to create a platform that created a space for women and men in the tech industry, I needed to shine the light on equality and bring different aspects to life. 

Hoodies & Heels represent men and women that working within this tech industry. Learning more about tech I've come across so many outstanding people that are really working towards impacting the world. 

Then it hit me, I needed to create a platform that created a space for women and men in the tech industry, I needed to shine the light on equality and bring different aspects to life. 

So let's talk about them, let's talk about new app developers, how tech is affecting our life, what's a day in a life of someone you admire? That's what hoodies & heels stand for bringing people together no matter what. 

You can image after my research I now have a peak interest in pursuing a career in tech. I highly believe in being true to yourself. The fashion industry will always have a place in my heart and now I've found a way to collide my peaked interest. 

In life, you just never know how the path you once was can change in a blink of an eye. I couldn't be more happier. 

What lead you to make your career change? #Let'sChat