The Five Things "She's Gotta Have It" Embraced
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Hey Good People!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent the holiday eating way too much yet feeling super grateful being surrounded by my family. Over the holiday weekend, "She's Gotta Have It" made its debut release. Now, I must be honest I never saw the original 1986 film. I know I know.


But! with all of its hype surrounding the new Netflix series I figured why not just have a binge-watching day. My Saturday consisted of laying around with my sister watching all of the episodes of "She's gotta have it". After the first episode, I was immediately drawn to what this show was going to represent.

There I sat, feeling relieved that finally there was a show that portrayed all of the things that I personally faced being a women in today's world. Here are five things I have to learn how to embrace within myself after watching "She's Gotta Have It":  

I'm A Creator And I Have To Own It

Nola Darling's love for art was not hidden. It was so freaking awesome to see her express herself in her own way and tell the world this is who I am, love it or leave it alone. I've embraced my love for fashion but as a newbie in tech I realize I shy away from saying I work in the tech industry. I have to embrace I love creating things and even with this blog I will not hide the things I love nor where I plan to go with it. It's time to embrace what you love.

Why Should I Care About What People Have To Say?

It's always a simple statement yet difficult to achieve. Nola is a fearless woman and wasn't afraid to say that aloud. I admired her for showing her art in a format that expressed how women felt. In the end, ask yourself who really gives a__? People will always have something to say no matter what. If you want to switch careers, try something new just do it! Try to care less about other's opinion of yourself. 


I Love Men But I Love Me More

It's always a whirlwind for me when it comes to guys. Nola literally dated four people and some way somehow they all knew of each other. Now, I'm not saying to become polyamorous but learning to love yourself first before committing is key. She didn't want to be defined by the people she committed herself to instead she set the tone and created her own rules. I admired her communication within all relationships letting making them aware they weren't alone. Own it, you have to power and you must embrace that. (Yea this part is totally for the girls!)

History Is So Beautiful

There's no secret that Spike Lee loves his culture. Throughout the entire series, there is culture everywhere! From music to historical scenes to even the introduction of the show. I want to continue learning more about the past and letting the future be. There's so much we aren't aware of about our history. 

Just Face It

Nola went through a lot of hurdles! Some I could personally relate to from being a broke artist and not knowing how to pay your rent and more. Whatever she faced, as much as she didn't like it she faced each hurdle and overcame them all. As I take this journey on learning about UX as nervous as I am I just have to face the challenges that will come my way. Super cliche but what doesn't kill you really makes you stronger. 

I could go on and on about this series, it was amazing. I know this is totally off from fashion and tech but this is a lifestyle and outside of our careers we are all facing something. This is an awesome show for guys and gals to watch, hey may even give you a different perspective on certain aspects of your life. As for me, "She's Gotta Have It" sparked the fire inside of me to continue being who I am and to just step it up a notch. 

#Let'sChat Do you have any shows that inspire you?