New Year A New Beginning

Hey Good People, 

Yes, what a cliche title but it is true! A new year brings an awe of excitement doesn't it? They say you can leave the past behind and start brand new. I lok at it as you can learn from your past in 2016 and put it to use for good ole 2017.

I told myself no matter what I am keeping this smile up! In 2017

I told myself no matter what I am keeping this smile up! In 2017

What does a new year mean to me? Well, a new challenge to overcome. I live by we shouldn't fear what we don't know. I am putting to the unites and the good God above nothing but good things to come my way yet I can't be afraid to put one foot first. If there's one thing I would want in this new year is consistency. When you are consistent at anything you reach an accomplishment. I feel that it takes time to find a routine that you "love". But once you do stay consistent and watch how things manifest.

Top : Zara   Skirt : Charlotte Russe   Earrings : Charlotte Russe

Top: Zara

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Haha! That's my I'm going to conquer 2017 face! (Yes put it out there!) In 2016I found myself, I've grown into someone I love. This year I want to take on this blogging life and speak what comes to mind.  

In an odd way I do not consider this to be a "blog". I call it my  "blog-site" , a place where I bare it all. It's 2017, seriously what are you hiding at this point? Live it up! Be free! And best of all love who you are!

Im excited for such a journey, are you ready to join me? Fasten your seat belts! (Hahaha cliche I know) lol!