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I could write a long "About Me" paragraph in third person form, but I think that'll be boring. Instead, I'll tell you how I got to this point on creating a "Fashion-Tech" blog. (because everyone gets confused when I say that) ...

My name is Kiara Holt, I am from Brooklyn, New York. Seven years ago I moved from a small town in Edge wood, Maryland to the big apple to pursue my dreams as a fashion stylist. The day I moved to New York led me to so many great positions within the fashion industry.

I've assisted top Celebrity stylists, build a range of my own clientele, been published in online publications, styled top fashion campaigns and more. There's nothing more than I love then have such an impact on clothing. 

Fast forward. 

It's now 2017, tech is taking over the entire world and I find myself hooked on finding new apps. Once, someone told me, "you should be a virtual concierge because you're always connecting people to new apps." 

At that time, the words meant nothing to me until I found myself working at a tech startup. What in the world am I doing here? Only God knows I always think. 

So, here I am working at a startup soaking in so much information. The transition has lead me to open myself to coding and just how much it plays in our everyday life.

It was then I looked into just how I can combine my love for fashion and my new find interest in tech.


There's a market for this! (Super tiny) But, growing! That was all the ammunition I needed. Since then, I've dedicated myself to learning how to code (check out my coding diaries), learning about different women in tech (yup, right in the women in tech section) understanding that music is huge in tech! (all mixes are created by me) and how important style is a young lady in this industry. (each look is to build you up!)

 This is a judgment-free, tech-loving, fashion-crazed and overall being a bad a$$ women platform.

And I welcome you.